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It’s still lingering

Believe it or not, there is a snow mound still hanging around in Southie!  After a brutal winter, there is still dirty snow at the snow farm on Tide Street.  How long do you think it will last?  Well, Mayor Marty Walsh is making a contest out of it.  Guess right, and you might just win a meet and greet with the mayor himself.  We say a better prize would be that the mayor himself will come shovel out your car after the first snow storm next winter and even place a spot saver in the space.   You can even follow the snow pile on twitter – @SouthieSnowPile

Anyway – from the press release from the mayor’s office:

“This is a fun and creative way for residents to come together and make light of what was a long, challenging winter,” said Mayor Walsh. “Now that it’s summer, we can have some fun and talk about how we recovered from the historic amount of snow Boston received. I’m surprised to see that we still have unmelted snow here!”

This winter, Public Works plowed 295,000 miles of roadway this past winter-roughly 12 trips around the earth – removed over 40,000 truckloads of snow from city streets, and melted 50,000 tons of snow at snow farms. 

Most of the snow was carried to Tide Street and surrounding snow farms, but Tide Street’s snow still remains. 

Rules for Entry:

To enter, participants must tweet at @Marty_Walsh using the hashtag #BOSMeltNow, including the month and day they believe the snow will be fully melted. 

Submissions are due by midnight on July 15, 20