Rare, an international conservation organization specializing in social change for the environment is bringing their Climate Culture Boston initiative to South Boston Street Festival on Saturday September 17th, from 11am – 4pm. Climate Culture Boston is designed to direct and galvanize individual actions around diet, transportation, energy use, and support for nature toward collective impact, ultimately paving the way for large-scale changes. Climate Culture Boston is Rare’s first U.S.-based initiative.

Rare’s peer-reviewed research found that by shifting key behaviors related to how we travel, eat and use energy, individual people can meaningfully contribute to reducing emissions. The research identified the six best behaviors individuals can adopt to personally reduce emissions: eating plant-rich meals, purchasing an electric vehicle (if purchasing a car), flying less, reducing food waste, installing rooftop solar panels or purchasing green energy and supporting nature by donating to carbon offset projects.

Together, we can shift the climate culture and pave the way for large-scale change. Come out to South Boston Street Fest on Saturday, learn more about the Rare’s mission, and support the change in climate culture!

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For more information on Rare, visit https://rare.org

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  1. Tim Roche September 21, 2022 at 2:49 pm - Reply

    The idea that man can change the climate is a HOAX, meant to introduce a “carbon tax” and bilk you and me

    We live in Boston people – ya 95 in August and 0 in January


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