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Have you seen it yet? The utility box at the corner of L and Broadway has recently been painted with a colorful rainbow. South Boston native and artist Anthony Maiullari is the person behind this beautiful public art. It’s part of the City of Boston’s Paintbox programwith the goal of celebrating local artists by having neighborhood utility boxes painted with original designs!

“I submitted three original designs to the city’s Office of Arts and Culture and was so grateful to be selected to complete this one in my hometown at L & Broadway,” said Maiullari.

When asked what his inspiration was behind this design, Mailiuari said every since he can remember he always loved painting and drawing rainbows! “Even back in the 90’s when I was a Tiny Tot with Miss Harriet at the L Street Bathhouse, I loved painting rainbows. Combine that with always being drawn to the vibrant energy and love in South Boston, and you get my new piece at L & Broadway!”

“I was inspired to create a piece that visually represents the nostalgia and magnetism that is so alive and well in Southie. No matter how it may change from day to day, our shared love for our South Boston is what gives it the ever-present “pot of gold” feeling experienced here,” added Maiullari.

Maiullari is one of seven kids from the “family on East Broadway with the red-headed mom, always surrounded by a bunch of kids.” He was born and raised and South Boston and is currently a resident of Chinatown with his partner Mike. “We met right on East Broadway at the Street Festival back in 2016!”

You can see more of Maiullari’s work here!  Make sure to follow him on Instagram and on TikTok @anthonymaiullari too!

Make sure to stop by and check out “Southie: Our Shared Pot of Gold” soon!

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