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Gone are the days when a girl longs for a boyfriend. Now? She just wants to find a girl that’s a friend!

The last time Caught in Southie spoke to local dating coach Michelle Wax, she was giving us the do’s and don’ts to dating apps. This time, Wax is cooking up her next social experiment: Boston Babes Social Club.

“What I found from the women I was working with, was that it was really hard in the city to form platonic, female friendships,” Wax said. “I heard it from them, my own friends, and I also experienced it myself.”

Wax saw that there was a need for a social group atmosphere between women who didn’t have the pressure that came with one-off events where you might never see those people ever again. She wanted to create a welcoming environment for people to come mingle, relax and get to know one another based on age and other interests.

Upon signing up, you are asked a series of questions such as are introverted or extroverted, what area of the city are you in, what brought you here, what is your age range, etc. Then, you will be added to an Instagram group where a few days before Wax will ask an icebreaker question like, what is your favorite quote? Wax wants everyone to feel as comfortable as possible going into the events and figured this would be a unique and fun way to do so!

The first event in October sold out in less than two weeks. “Okay, there is something here,” Wax thought to herself as she saw the tickets disappear. Then, 75% of the people who went to that event signed up for the November outing which was held at Fresh Boston. Regarding the second event, Wax said the following:

“The good energy is palpable when you walk a Boston Babes Social Club event! Everyone is here for the same reason and it’s an extremely welcoming and pressure-free vibe.”

The ticket to one of the Boston Babes events includes a drink ticket, a Boston Babes koozie and all there is to get out of the event itself. You have the option of purchasing a one-off ticket or a 6-month membership. Each month, you get together at a new Boston spot and each event has a different theme. Currently, the events are capped at 30 people, which was well-received, so that the guests aren’t super overwhelmed and have the opportunity to actually get to know one another.

Without giving too much away…December’s event involves a gift swap and January’s event involves making your “word of the year” bracelets. Get crafty, get creative and get social!

While it’s still new, Wax sees so much potential with where Boston Babes could go based on the response alone. One thing she could see happening within the year is introducing a second event each month for those who were on the waitlist or couldn’t make it to the first event.

“I really want to take the approach of seeing what people resonate with the most and kind of go from there,” Wax said.

To be a part of the beginning of Boston Babes and help build the foundation and friendship, sign up for next month’s event! It will take place on December 13th in Seaport and tickets are currently on sale. Learn more about the program and purchase your ticket here!

And remember…You don’t need a man, you need a friend!

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