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by Peter Gailunas

I’ve been known to grow a mustache every now and again.  Last winter, I grew a pretty impressive one.  It was fun for two weeks.   My wife liked it but I think she liked it because it was like kissing someone else – someone a little more exotic or swarthy than myself.  I always had a feeling like she was cheating on me with me. 

After reading the Sunday Herald Sports Section, I’m inspired to grow one again, thanks to Tim Thomas. (He’s the goalie for the Boston Bruins in case you live under a rock.)

The Stanley Cup is Boston’s for the time being and playoff beards have long been shaved.  So why is Thomas sporting a mustache? Because it’s Movember. Movember is the movement when men grow mustaches to raise awareness for prostate cancer.  Thomas’s mask is now painted with a picture of Lord Kitchener, a British Army officer who sported a giant mustache, and the messages, “Grow Your Mo” and “Beware of the Stache” with a bear wearing a mustache. 

The mask will be auctioned off with proceed supporting prostate cancer and other cancers that affect men.

So I’m joining the movement.  For the month of November – I mean Movember – I’m growing a stache of epic proportions.  Gentleman, I encourage you to join me!  Ladies, you’re more than welcome to also. 

I will check in with you weekly so you can see the status of my mustachio.