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Public Safety Meeting – Thursday, June 14

More than 100 police officers, politicians, and concerned residents filled the Condon School auditorium on Thursday evening.  The focus of the meeting was to discuss public safety issues concerning drug related crimes and the recent double homicides of Richard Hallahan and Diane Bourglas from the West Broadway Housing Development.  ??Police Commissioner Ed Davis discussed developments and successes in the  plan to alleviate the escalating drug problems in our neighborhood.  Davis announced that 89 drug related arrests have been made and a total of 200 arrests since the last public safety meeting in April.  The addition of two teams of bicycle police as well as officers walking the beat have helped get the word out that the “heat is on” in Southie when it comes to drugs.  A neighborhood task force has also been implemented since April and Commissioner Davis encouraged the organization of more neighborhood watches like the group We are Watching organized by Southie resident Meghan Brown Cress.  For more information visit www.bpdnews.com??

After Davis spoke, the meeting touched upon subjects including:

  • Outpatient clinics in South Boston
  • Clean needle exchange
  • Hope and Recovery
  • Memorial for Richard Hallahan and Diane Bourglas
  • Crime related problems due to the methadone clinic on South Hampton Street
  • Operation Movement where probation officers walk the neighborhoods letting their presence be known and checking in with clients.

The final segment of the meeting was the question and answer portion. 
Highlights included:

  • Helen Alix and her praise of the police and probation officers presence in Andrew Square and how the streets are becoming safer
  • A resident of the West Broadway Housing Development emphasizing the importance of family support and a strong family unit when it comes to the children of the housing development.
  • A resident had issues with not only the drugs in South Boston but the problem with intoxicated homeless on West Broadway.
  • A gentleman asking the question, “What about the floater?” in regards to the body found at Pleasure Bay.  The police informed the audience that man found had a medical condition and died of natural causes. 

Jack Hart closed the meeting with the sentiment that the community needs to stay involved and that “a community is only as strong as it’s residents.”   The meeting ended with a prayer by Fr. Joseph White. 

Stay strong Southie.  Be informed.  Get involved.  And bring out your inner McGruff and take a bite outta crime. 

Photo: Patrick Rosso boston.com

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  1. Karen Jutkiewicz June 15, 2012 at 4:50 pm

    Yes I have concerns about when you call the police concerning drugs or disturbing the peace THEY NEVER SHOW I have called on more then one occasion many times BOTH HOUSING POLICE AND BOSTON POLICE and NEITHER BOTHER TO COME OUT! I have even filed complaints with the Mayors Hot line and even tried to file complaints with the Police commissioner and he himself ignores your calls he NEVER bothers to return any calls I have even gone in person to see him and instead of meeting with me he has another officer talk with me over the phone in the lobby of the station and I am still having problems here at the Old Colony Housing Development even the Management wont do anything

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