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Written by Alexandra Ryan

I spent a lot of time this past week stressing out about my LGD’s (Lenten Good Deeds).   What am I going to do today?  Does holding a door for someone really count when I would do that on any normal day? Should I go pick up that trash that I saw on the side of the road?   Does this count?  Does that count?  I was driving myself crazy and for a hot second, I wished I had given up chocolate for Lent instead of committing to do 40 good deeds in 40 days.  Then, I slapped myself in the face, smashed a Cadbury cream egg, and realized that I was making this a lot more difficult than it had to be.  

A good deed can be something that you do for a friend, family member, or a complete stranger.  It is something that will make their day a little nicer, a little easier, and maybe even put a smile on their face.   It really CAN be as simple as holding a door for someone or making eye contact with the cashier at Dunkin Donuts and saying ‘Thank you so much’ and truly meaning it.  Last week, I bought LGD’s by bringing donuts and gluten free crackers to co-workers.   This week, I decided to slow down and focus on the little things.  I’m talking about holding doors, making eye contact, saying hello, asking people how they are doing and really listening to their answers.  You know, the stuff that JC probably did when he was roaming the streets.  So, I give you LGD #9 – LGD #17.  Enjoy!

LGD # 9  A recent college graduate contacted me on Linked in because she is interested in the fashion industry.  I decided to set up a time to talk with her over the phone.  I gave her the ‘things I wish I knew when I first graduated college’ tips, submitted her resume to a few places, and gave her a few other leads.  (My biggest piece of advice: ‘Be confident and pretend like you know what you are doing and talking about when you don’t because everyone else does that too.’  

LGD #10  A friend of mine is having a real difficult time at her work.  I called her up, talked her off the ledge, and was even able to make her laugh.  

LGD # 11  I made a grilled ham and cheese sandwich for a special someone who was sick (I smashed one too).

LGD #12  I took time to read over and edit a resume for a friend who is applying to a new job.  

LGD # 13  I gave lots of genuine well deserved compliments to friends, family, and complete strangers.

LGD #14  I held a bunch of doors for people, made eye contact on a regular basis, and threw out a lot of smiles and positivity (I know.  I’m making myself sick too).  

LGD #15  I cleared my co-workers’ dishes after lunch so that they could enjoy themselves a few moments longer.  I even loaded the dishwasher.  (Loading a work dishwasher is the worst)

LGD # 16  I hate elevators.  I hate packed elevators even more.  I hate the awkward moments of silence and/or forced conversation that always happens.  I often daydream about doing something ridiculous to make it even more awkward (instead of facing the door, I’ll face the back of the elevator and stare at everyone like a complete lunatic).  I prefer to be alone in an elevator.  When I should hold the elevator, I just pretend to hold it and let the doors close (occasionally flip off the poor sap on the other side of the door for no reason at all).  I know.  I’m a jerk.  You will be proud to know that I have turned over a new leaf this week.  I am now holding elevator doors like it’s my job and I’m doing it with a smile.   

LGD #17  I gave my co-worker a five minute massage because she had a stiff neck and shoulders.  I know that this sounds inappropriate, but her shoulders really hurt, and it’s not easy holding a camera all day long.   Since I am always asking everyone and anyone to rub my shoulders, I figured i could reciprocate.  She said that I should start charging people.  

17 LGD’s down and 23 left to go.  Now, I want to hear about your LGD’s.   Remember, it’s the little things that count! 

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  1. Jen Ol March 15, 2012 at 2:58 am
    Like it, wish more people were like this. A LGD that would be easy and gratifying…when you see someone being an unnecessary a-hole to the Dunkin Donuts girl call them out by saying “wow someone’s having a bad day”…it will make that girl’s day that yup said what she wanted to say.

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