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Why Do People Think They Have a License to Drive (Others Crazy)? 

Written by Maureen Murray

I just had a most annoying experience on K Street. I was driving to pick up my daughter from the last day of her summer job. As I drove down K Street, I noticed a black car, double parked between 8th Street and Marine Road, on the left with its flashers going. The car in front of me drove next to the parked car and stopped. The car in front of me had no blinker or flashers going so I waited for it to continue on. It did not. I thought the driver might be talking to someone in the double parked car, so I waited a few seconds and then beeped my horn to try to move things along. At that point, the driver started backing up toward me. What? I then leaned on my horn, thinking “does this guy not see me behind him?” He continued to back up, I continued to lean on my horn. Then the driver steps out of the car and tells me to back up so he can get into an open parking space behind us. I told him that I would not, I was trying to get somewhere and he had made no indication that he was planning to park (no blinker, hand signal, nothing). The guy continued to tell me to back up and I explained to him that he was holding up traffic and to either pull in front of the double parked car or circle the block to come back to the space. He then lost it and told me I was acting “crazy.” Huh? That’s when the wife stepped out of the car. Good God, seriously? I explained I had somewhere to go, had already been held up and that I needed them to move.

She started yelling and said “we were trying to help someone and you’re just acting like a d—–bag!” (Wow… classy!) It was unclear to me who or how she thought they were helping. By this point the double parker appeared and got into her car. I waited for her to move down K Street and I pulled around the frantic couple’s car – still parked, without driver or the passenger in it, in the middle of K Street – and I drove on with the other cars behind me following.

I did not know the people in either car so they may be new to the neighborhood but I’m sure that none of them were new to driving so, come on guys – pull it together and show some common courtesy on the roads.


Maureen Murray


  1. Ed August 21, 2017 at 4:35 pm - Reply

    I am noticing this type of behavior more and more, cars coming to a complete stop in middle of road, no blinker, not even a hint of effort to pull to the side. Just completely consumed with their own convenience and seemingly oblivious to others and plain old common sense. I was waiting behind a car at the light on L and Broadway heading East and the car in front goes through L and then just STOPS in the middle of road outside Boston Bagel–I almost rear ended them. That’s just a single example of many….. It’s selfishness plain and simple.

  2. Lisa August 21, 2017 at 5:52 pm - Reply

    90% of the time I see this happen is with Uber drivers picking people up. Use your signals you idiots, I’m not a mind reader!

    • Ed August 21, 2017 at 8:52 pm - Reply

      Def alot of that is Uber….but I see some people who live here doing it as well.

  3. Cathy August 21, 2017 at 6:01 pm - Reply

    Oh my goodness, was it a jeep? We had a similar thing happen over by Loco. I turned down the side street next to Loco and waited for an extended period while a girl in a jeep picked up her boyfriend. We waited and waited even after he got in the car. There was no way to go around her because she she had double parked next to a double-parked car as well. Finally she proceeded to the end of the block and stopped at a stop sign, but did not move. We waited several minutes. I beeped and the person in the car behind me also beeped at her. Rather than continue forward, she stayed there, gave us the finger and started yelling obscenities at us. The passenger in the car with me gave her a peace sign and she continued yelling, then started video taping us (To add it to her daily social media?) It was absolutely ridiculous. Each time I tried to go around her she began to move then jammed on the breaks to prevent me from passing her. It was like dealing with a two-year old who, unfortunately, had been given a license. I’ve lived in Southie for 30 years and never saw anything like it.

  4. E corcoran August 22, 2017 at 1:25 am - Reply

    What not photograph theses clowns and name and shame them on social media as this seems to be the only thing that registers with these morons

  5. mplo August 22, 2017 at 9:17 pm - Reply

    This kind of stupid stuff occurs pretty much everywhere, not just in Southie. I’ve had that happen as well, and people just don’t want to move even for the shortest moment, in order to let people pass by. It’s really sickening.

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