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Lawrence may have its crows, but Southie has the turkeys.

For decades, the banks of the Merrimack River in Lawrence host one of the largest winter crow roosts in New England. What the heck is a roost you ask? Well, it’s a strange animal phenomena where a large number of birds congregate into a single group to sleep together. (Not orgy style – but catching some zzz’s style.) Bird lovers and ornithologists head to Lawrence to observe.

These crows form nightly winter roosts in October through April with an estimate 25,000 crows. Yikes! That’s both thrilling and frightening.

For bird lovers in Southie, we have three scrappy urban turkeys. You see them walking by the brunch lines at Lincoln on a Sunday. You can find them on top of cars and crossing busy thoroughfares to get to Moakley Park. We’ve seen them on their own roost on Emerson Street. There are just three in South Boston. They travel together like the three amigos. So when will the bird lovers and ornithologists come to Southie to observe.

We’d love to know more about the urban turkey – so if you know anything more about the urban turkey – other than what to do when you face off with an aggressive one – let us know.

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