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UPDATE: On Tuesday night, NBC Nightly News will feature Jake Scapes tonight at 6:30pm. 

Jake Garcia is a nursing student with a passion for en plein air art – pairing from life on location.  The South Boston resident enjoys painting four days a week – two in studio and two en plein air when he takes his bike or walks to a location and paints.  Sometimes Garcia leaves complete painting for a stranger to find and take home. Maybe you’ll be lucky enough to find one! 

We recently sat own with him and had a little Q&A:

What inspired you to start doing this?

My first thought when i placed my first painting on a bench was “Wow, carrying wet paintings home is annoying, how can I get around this?” Then i thought, oh, don’t carry it. Wouldn’t it be hilarious if someone was enjoying a view of a certain area and looked down and saw an original oil painting of that view as if it was painted for them? How magical would that be? Yes anyone can buy art, but not anyone can be in the right place at the right time looking at the right view and look down and FIND art. The universe must present these moments, they’re beautiful.  I like to watch the universe work, it seems to give us what we need when we need it. My hope is that  I  can make someones day without saying a word. This is what artist that I love accomplish. Artists that have been dead for many years can still make my day.  “El Jaleo” John Singer Sargent, makes my day EVERY time )

How often will you be leaving paintings?

I generally will post a photograph of my easel and the painting, with the finished painting in its final resting place ready to be found! I might tag the location if its not obvious.  I will put my Twitter and Instagram handle on the back so if you take it, tag me and take a photo!  I am curious to see who ends up with what. This is half the fun of this entire experience because without someone to enjoy it  is art really worth anything? You are an integral part in my painting experience.  

Are you sticking to just the neighborhood of South Boston?

Not necessarily! The reason i’m painting in Southie a lot is mostly because its accessible. I walk or ride my bike to the locations so this limits me if i want to get out and paint real quick. I hope to do paintings all over Boston though, when the summer comes the weather will be more forgiving and I’ll be able to get out more. I will always gravitate toward Southie and Dorchester primarily I think, there is so much to paint and I love the feel of those areas.

Garcia also sells artwork. “I do commissions and have work that i personally have chosen to paint. I do all different sizes on various surfaces whether it be wood, canvas or panel,” said Garcia. He also has an an Etsy shop called “ArtFromMyAddict” which is linked to his  Instagram page  where you can message him about art. 

“I love hearing peoples stories and I enjoy the human experience. If you see me with my easel, on some beach, looking mighty confused as to how i am going to figure out the scene in front of me, come say hi!  It’s been an entire year of no human contact and quite frankly i’m over it,  we all need a little love i think.”

So be on the lookout! An original artwork may be in your future!

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