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You’ve probably heard about the cannabis shops that have been popping up around the state since 2018. But Bostonian Marie Evans wants to introduce local women to all the cannabidiol (CBD) offerings available to them. Last month, Evans opened curated CBD service Colette—the fruit of a year-long passion project—that caters to women with personalized packages and a wealth of available products. 

From bath bombs to face masks to tea, packages center around key wellness categories including stress, pain relief, and beauty. The experience of finding the one that’s tailored to you, particularly if one’s a pot novice, is easy—Colette (for the French name meaning “person of victory”) does all the hard work once you tell them what your needs are, or you can select items yourself if you’re more familiar with them. 

It would probably be impossible to open any kind of marijuana company without addressing some of the misconceptions on the subject. CBD doesn’t produce the “high” in marijuana (that’s THC) and is often used to treat stress and chronic pain. Cannabis, which contains CBD and THC, can be medically recommended by a doctor. Instead of shying away from the topic, Evans leans into it. 

We New Englanders are a hardy crew. We put up with a lot of bad weather, bad traffic, and bad moods, but we’re proud and private,” she explains. “There isn’t a lot of marketing or education right now speaking to the traditional New England woman and I wanted to change that. It’s important to me that women, especially mothers, feel comfortable in this industry.”

Evans herself struggled from postpartum depression, and therapy, CBD, and THC helped her heal and get into an effective health routine. This, combined with her background in marketing, led to a passion for the products. “I like to think of CBD like a multivitamin, probiotics or melatonin: it’s a supplement that boosts my body’s naturally-occuring systems to work a little bit better,” she explains. She says that her girlfriends and fellow moms would quietly admit to using CBD and/or THC, but that the fear of judgment can prevent open dialogue. 

“By engaging in open and authentic dialogue about our CBD and THC use, we can start to normalize it. In the age of ‘mommy needs wine’ t-shirts and ‘cardio and cocktails’ spin classes, we’ve so closely tied alcohol use into our womanhood and parenting that it’s going to take time to untangle that,” she adds. 

The “Colette Cares” standards are rigorous to ensure that clients feel comfortable with what’s on the site (and what’s going in and on their bodies). Each product available via Colette has been tested by a third party for not just efficacy but safety too. Evans primarily and deliberately features women-owned marijuana businesses in keeping with her female-centric ethos. 

She assumed there would be interest from millennials and Gen Z in the packages, but has thus far been pleasantly surprised by additional interest from women aged 40 and over. Colette’s adapting to expand their offerings—including adding hot flash patches to their inventory—for a wider audience. And that’s part of the goal, Evans says: people of all ages and backgrounds can and do find value from these products. Even those that don’t want to imbibe (or are worried or upset about its prevalence) are welcome at Colette.

“For people with the misconception that cannabis is for ‘lazy stoners and degenerates,’ I’d want to include them in the conversation,” she says. “There is no such thing as silly questions in this space—ask someone who uses cannabis why they do and what it does for them. The community is so collaborative and welcoming; folks are ready to share when given the opportunity.”

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