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Bill Linehan on the job

We all saw the lines on Election Day.  Heck, some of us even waited in them for hours.  In some South Boston voting locations, voters waited over two and half hours.  That’s a little insane!  Councilor Bill Linehan has filed an order for action at the next Boston City Council meeting to address this topic.
Ordering a call for an analysis of the operations of this past election day, Councilor Linehan will open a discussion on suggestions to improve efficiency.  The Condon School site, where voting went on after 10:00 PM on Tuesday, clearly indicates something must be done.  Councilor Linehan stated, “The experience one receives at the polls is paramount to future voter participation.  We must do whatever we can do to improve the experience of the voter to have reasonable access to vote.”

Suggestions include :

  • creating sub-precincts at the larger registered voter precincts which would have its own warden
  • team and election equipment at the same site
  • additional sites, if necessary, due to physical restrictions,
  • having early voter opportunities at said locations to minimize the impact on elections day operations

“We need to address this going forward and prior to the next election, which will be held for Mayor of Boston and City Council”, says Councilor Linehan.  We agree.  Other topics that

Caught in Southie would like to see addressed:

  • lack of privacy while voting
  • lack of tabletop space for voting