The lovable and degenerate Gallagher family is the subject of the wildly popular Showtime’s series Shameless.  The show is set in Chicago so when this headline came up in our google alert we were a little bit confused…

This “headline” is reference to a cute selfie some of the cast members of Shameless posted on Instagram.

Okay, so this had us scratching our head – wait…is Shameless set in Southie.  We’ve watched it a few times and didn’t think it was – there are, however, many characteristic of the Gallagher family that we recognize in many families from South Boston – including our own – but we would know if was set in our neighborhood, right?

Quick google search – Shameless is set in a neighborhood on the South Side of Chicago. another google search – is the South Side of Chicago known as Southie too? Nope.  So maybe this headline was a just fluke, a mistake but then this popped up on the Pop Sugar website:

Again – Southie? Granted these “headlines” are from a few years ago, but how long has Pop Sugar been misusing the neighborhood of Southie? Maybe they were mixed up with Ray Donovan’s character being from South Boston or the short-lived series of SMILF – set in Southie. (Remember that who debacle?) Yes, Showtime does love the backdrop of Southie but Shameless is not set here.

It does seem that non-local media – struggles with Southie in general.  They love to say the Wahlbergs are from South Boston. They love to to use the terminology of “a Southie.” 

Bottom line, Southie is the best neighborhood anywhere and the media will attribute it to anywhere they can even if they’re wrong.


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