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Ray Donovan


Southie once again has gone Hollywood.  Ray Donovan, a new Showtime series, is about a Southie thug (naturally), played by the super hot Liev Schreiber, who heads to Hollywood to “fix” problems for the rich and famous a la Winston Wolfe in Pulp Fiction.  But don’t let Ray’s slick and sophisticated appearance fool you.  He’s got a short fuse, a tendency towards violence and the baggage of a screwed up Irish Catholic family that’s about to surface in his life.  His ex-con father (of course), played by Jon Voight, has just been released from prison and his brothers,  who still live in Southie and run a boxing gym,  have come-a-calling.  Critics are giving the series good reviews. 

Here’s the most important question, how is the Southie accent?  Liev Schreiber does a good job and Jon Voight too but the wife’s accent, played by Paula Malcomson, is a little distracting. 

Ray Donovan airs this Sunday at 10am on Showtime.  We know we will be tuning in!

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