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Just in time for spring!

The weather says that it is time to put away your heavy sweaters, pull out those plastic storage bins, and revive your spring wardrobe. 

Does this sound overwhelming to you?  Here is a guide to get your closet organized and your wardrobe spring ready. 


  • Remove all of the clothes, accessories, and non-wardrobe items from your closet‚Also get rid of those old picture albums and random stuffed animals.  Keep your closet for all things wardrobe.


  • Keep the clothes you love. 
  • Toss the clothes you have not worn in 2+ years. 
  • Toss the clothes that do not fit properly. 
  • Store the items that you are afraid to toss and re-visit them next season (i.e. the designer skinny jeans that you will fit into once you’ve reached your goal weight.)

Insider’s Tip

Do not keep clothes that don’t fit you in your closet – they will taunt you.    

Winter Storage

Store your winter wardrobe: furs, suede, wool, dark colored jackets, sweaters, textured dresses, pants, scarves, hats, bags, and shoes/boots and don’t forget those UGGS. 

Transitional Keepers

Keep your transitional pieces.  These are the items that are season-less (i.e. tees, tanks, cardigans, light-weight blazers, light scarves, rain boots, etc)


Toss your old wire hangers and invest in new hangers.  Try Slim-line (http://www.slimlinehangers.com/) hangers.  They are as thin as a wire hanger and as sturdy as a wood hanger.  They will save space and help keep your closet neat and organized.  (Bed, Bath & Beyond box of 50 for $40.00 and don’t forget your 20% off coupon).

Spring Wardrobe

Pull out your spring wardrobe and repeat step 2. 

Closet Make-Over

Return your spring and transitional pieces to your closet on your nice new hangers.  Organize by style and color – jackets with jackets, tops with tops, tanks with tanks, skirts with skirts, dresses with dresses, from dark colors to light. 

Shopping List

Make a list of the items that you need in order to build your wardrobe for spring.   Keep the list in your wallet, so if you find yourself in a store, you will know what you need and you will avoid frivolous spending. 

Here is a list of 5 fabulous spring trends to help you on your way

  1. Lightweight scarf – Try a floral print lightweight scarf.  It is sure to brighten up a basic white tee and jeans
  2. Americana Lifestyle – Nautical stripes, red, white and blue accents.  Try a navy and white striped tee (I love Madewell’s St James nautical shirt.)
  3. Trouser Shorts –  Buy shorts one size bigger than you normally do to create the bloomer effect that is so very now. 
  4. Worn Denim shirt – Pick up a worn light colored denim blouse/shirt.  They are classic and look great with a pair of dark wash jeans or even a pair of shorts. 
  5. Boyfriend blazers – An oversize blazer is a smart look that you can dress up by wearing it over a cocktail dress or dress down with jeans and a basic tee or tank. 

There, now doesn’t that feel better? An organized closet full of pieces you love is bound to bring inspiration and excitement to your what-to-wear morning routine, and put a little spring in your step this season.
Happy Shopping!

Alexandra is a professional fashion stylist. She has worked with public officials, CEO’s, candidates for elected office and stay-at -home moms.  She has conducted workshops for businesses large and small, non-profits, professional organizations and colleges. Alexandra’s work has been spotlighted in the Boston Globe Magazine, Stuff Magazine, and she has been interviewed on Kiss 108 FM and NECN.  She also works as one of the prestige in-house stylists at Rue la la – an exclusive, online shopping destination.

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