Yes, that’s right, a comedy float.

What’s a comedy float, you ask? Well, it’s exactly what it sounds like a group of comedians on a float in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade. We believe this is the first time a float of this nature has been in the parade.  To this fact, we say, what the heck took so long?  The comedy float was created by Chris Flahive of CPF Productions, which produces local comedy shows.

“We do a Cape Cod Comedy Weekend every year down at the Irish Village, and Brian Yanovitch works down there, as well as helps our with the parade.  He mentioned it last year.  Said we should be in it.  And for us, we like to have fun with everything we do, and this sounds like a blast! And any chance we get to get our circle of comedians together to have some fun, we are all about it!” said Flahive.

Comedians who will be performing on the comedy float are Capo Comedy Night host Will Noonan, Graig Murphy, Paul Gilligan, Christine Hurley, Pete Costello, Carolyn Plummer, Matt Misci, Pat Collins, Dave Russo, Scotty Lombardo, Be a Man Guy and even Todd Angilly who sing the National Anthem at the Bruins games!  Plus, DJ Dave Daykin will be spinning the tunes! An all-star lineup!

So be on the lookout and get ready to laugh.  Hopefully, there’s not a hecklers float behind them in the parade.

Looking for more laughs this weekend? Check out this event Saturday night in Lynn.








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