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In my extremely humble opinion, I’ve always considered Valentine’s Day a bit…unnecessary. It usually just makes single people feel kind of lousy, and people in a relationship feel pressure to show more love than usual, even though it should be shown every day. Alas, life goes on, and Cupid will continue to fire arrows from his quiver of love every February 14 whether we like it or not.
Singles Appreciation Day is a cheeky answer to Valentine’s Day’s often-fraught questions. This list works whether you’re single, in a relationship, celebrate Valentine’s Day, or rebuke the idea of such a day entirely. Consider the day just another excuse to treat yourself, and maybe consider doing it a bit more often.
Hang Out With Friends!
I don’t particularly subscribe to Valentine’s Day, but for the past few years I’ve gathered some friends around, single or not, and made a nice dinner, with little to no mention of V-day at all. Who wouldn’t want to get together with people that you like and stuff your face with lasagna and red wine and maybe some chocolate (or whatever combination of delicious foods appeal to you)? Ordering takeout and sitting in front of the TV watching trashy shows is always fun, and going bowling (Southie Candlepin anyone?) is the best. Grab some friends and raise a glass to your friendship. Here’s are some suggestions of things happening around town!
Hang Out By Yourself!
Feel like flying solo? Totally fine too. In fact, I personally draw more energy from doing my own thing than from others (it’s called being an introvert, not a hermit!) Head to the movies!  We’ve got two luxury theaters nearby – one in the Seaport and one at South Bay!  Bask in the alone-ness of not answering a companion’s questions about the plot every five minutes, or wander through a museum and be surprised by your own voice because you haven’t heard it for a few hours. And my personal favorite, take a book to a cafe, sit near a window, and drink coffee out of a real cup. Cafe Nero or Cranberry Cafe are perfect spots for this!  For some, being alone for a bit is a luxury, so take the opportunity to soak it up.
Get Pampered
 Single or not, this is a major must-do for everyone, every day of the year. Make a face mask out of natural ingredients that you probably have in your house (honey? Turmeric? Greek yogurt?) and lounge around your apartment. Make an appointment for a manicure. Get that Swedish massage or that hydrating facial you’ve always dreamed about.(Here are places in Southie to get pampered!) Eat pizza in the bathtub! Take a nap and spoon your dog. Do whatever you love to do, and you will thank yourself for it.
Rent A Zipcar and Drive
Or take your own car, but go somewhere you’ve always wanted to go but was always just a little bit too far away. I’m only talking a maximum two hour drive, but cruise up the coast to the little seaside town that’s held a spot in your thoughts, or drive out to a great trail head and go for a mind-clearing hike through the woods. Take a friend, or go it alone, and let the road take you somewhere new. Don’t feel like driving? Take the train or the bus as far as you’d like to go, just pick a place and find a way to get there.
Buy YOURSELF Something Nice
Who says you need someone else to get you flowers, or a box of chocolates, or a necklace?  Sure, that can be great too, but treating yourself to something decadent or to something you’ve had your eye on is empowering. There’s definitely something to be said for being your own significant other. I’m definitely not above buying myself an entire box from Phillips Chocolates –in fact, there’s a box sitting in my kitchen right now – and I buy a bouquet of flowers weekly. Even if you’re in a relationship, it’s important to show yourself that you can do everything on your own that you can do with someone else, and that includes giving yourself gifts.

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    I sent a valentine to my mother and she told me she’d rather just be friends :-(

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