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A couple weeks ago (it could be months; time has lost all its meaning) I shared a post on Instagram stories and got more responses and reactions than anything I have ever shared.  No, it wasn’t a nudie pic (those are only available on my Only Fans), it was a post about Fed Girl Summer. The post went a little something like this “Fed girl summer.  Buy a size up summer.  Pasta and wine summer.  If someone fancies you less because you’re 15lbs heavier then you never should have considered them in the first place girl summer” (H/T Kate Whitman), and it spoke to so many of us!

We’ve seen all the Girl Summers, Hot Girl Summer, Mad Girl Summer, French Girl Summer, Vaxxed Girl Summer, even White Boy Summer (oof Chet Hanks), but Fed Girl Summer really resonates with me the most.  Why, you ask?  Well, because I love pasta and wine!  And I love eating and drinking without needless guilt.  I’ve lost and gained, and lost and gained, the same twenty-five pounds over and over during the past few years, and I’m done wasting energy on worrying about it. I wasn’t a better person at 130 pounds than I am at 155.  I wasn’t wealthier, happier, or more loved; I’m broke, sad, and lonely at all my various weights!

We are eating and enjoying our food this summer without feeling bad about it or thinking we need to “earn” our food by killing ourselves at the gym or starving ourselves the next day.  Julia Child said people who love to eat are the best people, so let’s be the best people.  I’m not going to pass on a random treat at work (my boss brought in chipwiches last week), refuse some of my son’s delicious enchiladas (Connor if you’re reading this that is a hint, I want you to make enchiladas), or skip a night out because I’m preoccupied with a number on the scale.  I’m not going to punish myself with a workout I hate, rearrange my internal organs with a waist trainer, or skip a nap just to fit into a pair of jeans.  We’re savoring life!  Yes, I consider a nap savoring life and if you don’t maybe you’re just doing naps wrong.

For the record, I’m not advocating unchecked gluttony.  I couldn’t even if I wanted to, three days of unchecked gluttony would give me heartburn for a month.  I’m advocating “fed” in a deeper sense.  “Fed’ isn’t just food, it’s nourishment in any and all ways.  It’s reading the book that’s been sitting on my nightstand for three months.  It’s unfollowing any and all accounts and people who don’t add value to my day.  It’s giving myself the care, love, and grace I deserve.  It’s moving my body to feel strong, not for penance.  It’s celebrating what my body is capable of, GAIA FLOWS THROUGH ME!

I don’t have Hannah Waddingham’s arms, Carrie Underwood’s legs, or JLo’s, well..anything; but I am still going to wear tank tops and shorts with my head held high.  I have the body of my ancestors.  A body made for plowing fields and harvesting crops.  A body that says, “yes, I am physically active but I also really like potatoes”, and my arms and legs deserve to feel the sunshine and a cool breeze!  No one is saying “I hate showing my arms” or “I can’t do shorts with these thighs” in my presence, not during Fed Girl Summer.

I bet you didn’t imagine Fed Girl Summer could be so deep, but what can I say, I’m a modern philosopher.  And it all comes full circle back to Megan Thee Stallion’s Hot Girl Summer.  Back in 2019 explained HGS as “it’s just basically about women being unapologetically themselves, having a good ass time, hyping up your friends, doing you, not giving a damn about what nobody got to say about it”, and that’s really all I want for us.  A Hot Girl Summer with a couple trips to Sully’s.

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