As an avid social media user, my feeds are inundated with new products and reviews. I am a self-proclaimed mega-consumer. If I have money, I am going to spend it. I am working to be better but it is a journey. So here are a few of the recent items I have been influenced to buy and my thoughts. All the unhinged items are linked below. 

Touchland hand sanitizer-Now I could use my covid stockpile of hand sanitizer from the pandemic but what’s fun about that? Not only does it smell amazing but it also sprays in a mist. I keep one in my car and feel better than everybody as I mist my hands with this trendy $10 sanitizer. 

Lint trash can– What is worse than cleaning lint out of your dryer….nothing. But you know what makes it more enjoyable, a mini trash can for lint. Let me say, I am now a lint-cleaning fool. 

Poppi-Finally a healthy soda that is delicious. My favorite flavors are Dr. Pepper, cola, and cherry limeade. You can enjoy them in a cocktail or mocktail. 

Neck pillow-So I was recently informed by a loved one that a hump is forming on my upper back due to my terrible posture. And when you get that feedback, you work on yourself. So I bought this pillow and my life has changed. My hump is still there for those wondering, but it is less prominent. 

Car trash can-My door side compartment is often littered with straw wrappers. But now I have a tiny little trash can filled with straw wrappers. And the more I type this, the crazier I think I sound or maybe I just love mini trash cans. 

Car slime – This is an odd invention but I love it. It is a scented slime that cleans the gross area near your cup holders that are hard to reach. It works well but touching the dirty slime is kind of gross, but worth it.

So these are just a sampling of things I was influenced to buy via social media.  What have you been influenced to buy? Let me know in the comments below and include the link, because I’ll probably buy it too!

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