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I don’t mind paying a little extra for good quality.  Especially when it come to food.  I’ll gladly pay top dollar at a nice restaurant for a delicious meal and good service.

I really like the sandwiches at a particular shop even though they cost a buck or two more than my favorite subs.  But they are worth it.  But how much is too much for a bag of chips?

I was getting a couple of sandwiches at the shop that will remain nameless recently and I almost forgot the chips.  You can’t have an Italian sandwich without the chips, right? I had already paid for the sandwich when I realized I didn’t purchase chips.  So I picked up two bags of “Dirty” brand potato chips and brought them to the counter to pay.  I mindlessly handed the girl working a twenty dollar bill.  When I got $14.02 back for change, I asked her incredulously, “Three bucks for one bag of chips?”  She replied, “No, $2.99.”  Thank God because there was no way I would pay 3 bucks for chips.  
I get into my car with my sandwiches and “Dirty” chips and I think, “Why didn’t I just put them back?”  Then I start to feel bad and maybe a little dirty for paying so much for a standard 2 ounce size bag of chips that should cost about a dollar.  
Then I think that maybe these will be the best chips I’ve ever had.  I start reading the bag to see how they differ from all the other brands of chips I’ve ever eaten.  Well I’m not exactly sure how the people at Frito-Lay and Cape Cod make their chips but the “Dirty” people “kettle cook” their chips “in a premium peanut oil blend for a crunchier, tastier potato chip.”   Whatever that means.  Do they only have one kettle? 
I finally sit down to eat and of course I start with the $2.99 bag of chips.  They’re crunchy like Cape Cod chips and they taste good but not $2.99 good.  
I go to www.dirtys.com (careful when you google that) to find out how ouch it costs straight from the company.  I find out I can get 25 2-ounce bags sent to me for $24 plus shipping.  According to my calculations that’s $1.04 per bag plus shipping.  That is almost a 200 % mark up.  A little excessive don’t you think? 
I’m over the my financial violation in the chip department.  I needed to talk about it to move passed it.  And I probably will still go into that shop and buy sandwiches because they are that good.  I’ll just skip the chips. 


  1. Girl on a budget February 17, 2012 at 5:39 pm

    You can also get “dirty” chips from Greenzliving.com and other greet taste organic snacks.

    Use coupon code: NEWGL for 15 % of purchase & CHIPS for and additional $3. off

  2. tkny45 March 31, 2012 at 7:26 pm

    I love Dirty’s chips but not all stores sell them and the mark up is insane.  So I finally decided to visit the website to order directly and was also shocked by the stores mark up.  I feel foolish for waiting so long to order direct.

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