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Be a good neighbor!

With less than an a few inches of snow, fellow Southie residents were compelled to place a spot saver in their parking spots.  Really?  Here are two photos shared with CIS.


We’d have to image there were, no doubt, more “bad neighbors” in the community taking advantage that went unreported.  

Let us remind everyone of rule #2 – If you did not shovel out your car, you cannot keep the spot.  Self-explanatory, right?  Wrong.   How many times have you seen a somebody drive their car out of a spot without shoveling any snow and put a barrel there? Not cool.  You must shovel.  Clearly, these two to three jabronis did not shovel and give the rest of Southie a bad name!  Come on!

For a full list of the Non-Official Rules to Saving a Spot During A Snowstorm visit:  https://caughtinsouthie.com/tips/unofficial-rules

Remember – we are all in this together.  Be a good neighbor!