Written By Akwaeke Emezi

First, let’s talk about the title.  You probably had to read it a few times, then take a step back with a “whoa” coming out of your mouth with your brain turning over.  Me too.  


Second, this book will leave you a sweaty mess, but in a good way.   

I spent most of the summer reading thrillers, a few young adult fantasy but I couldn’t stomach the too-cheesy romance titles blowing up all over #bookstagram and Amazon best seller lists.  I knew I needed something beyond revenge and murder, but I needed it to be meaty – to be juicy and it to be something I could talk to other people about.  Along came #badonpaper’s August pick – You Made a Fool of Death With Your Beauty by Akwaeke Emezi. 

This book moves like a roller coaster.  You know when you’re sitting and waiting for it to go. The anticipation builds.  There’s fast curves, sudden drops and slow periods – where you’re waiting for what’s next.  That’s like the book.  Some parts – I had to re-read because I flipped too fast, all hot and bothered.  Others were description heavy and I knew it was a build up, but I was impatient for what was next.  But when you get to the end, I believe the reader will be satisfied.  

This book is about a young woman named Feyi, who is trying to move on from a traumatic event in her life.  Her honest account of not looking for love, just looking for something in the moment – and it stirring up emotions she isn’t sure she’s ready for – will connect with many readers.  The writing is real, both language and situations.  Many times when Feyi’s best friend, Joy, is in the scene, I thought that was exactly what my friends would say to me – to go for it or what the heck are you doing?!  Feyi is also an artist, using her art as an outlet for that said trauma.   This opens her to a circle  of secondary characters like  high-profile gallery owners and celebrity-types that help beef up the story. 

I also said “juicy.”   Imagine being stuck in a love triangle between two beautiful people – that are related. To be clear – and it’s written right in the cover – a beautiful man and his even more beautiful father. Yes, I said father.  (This book might have you increasing the age limits on your Tinder account.)   Imagine descriptions of a tropical island in the Caribbean complete with multiple villas.  For any “Bear” or “Top Chef” lovers, the book includes multiple scenes of a chef and food basically dripping off the page.   

This is a book where you’ll shout at the page, cry with the characters, be completely intrigued, occasionally disgusted and flipping through until the very last page.  I think many of you will have strong opinions on the book – especially Feyi’s decisions, so please let us know what you think via the comments on @caughtinsouthie or catch me at @glossinbosssinbooks / @josiegl on Instagram. 

If you finish this one quick and need some more love in your life, check out these two great reads below. 

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