Local Southie sixth grader Brian Miller is looking for recruits to play in the second annual “Wifflethon” on Thursday, June 18th at 3pm in the South Boston Catholic Academy schoolyard.  As part of the Wifflethon – there will be wiffleball games and even wiffle haircuts* all to help raise funds for Ovarian Cancer Research.   Also on deck, a braiding station so you hair braided with a signature teal ribbon to show your support!  So come on, Southie – let’s rally and help Brian with his Wifflethon!

Caught in Southie received the following letter written by Brian looking for participants and donations.  He’s a great kid with a great heart:

Please join us at the “Wifflethon” for wiffleball and wiffle haircuts on Thursday, June 18th at 3PM in the South Boston Catholic Academy schoolyard. Open to all, so tell your neighbors and friends. On the reverse is a donation sheet, and all proceeds will go to ovarian cancer research. It’s summertime so it’s time to get your summer wiffle! If you would like a wiffle, please bring your pledge form and signed permission slip. Those who do not want whiffles are encouraged to collect donations and participate, we will also have a hair braiding station, complete with teal ribbons and need plenty of people to play wiffleball! All are welcome to attend this great event! Buzz off, cancer!

Brian Miller

If you are interesest in making a donation, you can make a check out to Brigham and Women’s Hospital and then reach out to Caught in Southie at [email protected] and we can make an arrangement to pick it up. 

If you need a pledge sheet and permission slip, you can email [email protected] and we’ll send you one via email.

*The wiffle haircut is basically a buzz cut and a Southie rite of passage for boys growing up in South Boston.  You knew it was summer when the boys rocked a wiffle.

If you can’t make the Wifflethon – you can still make a donation.  Visit: www.crowdrise.com/wifflethon2015