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Today State Senate Candidate Maureen Dahill called upon Governor Deval Patrick and the State Legislature to set aside 3% of the proposed transportation budget to create and improve bikeways and pedestrian walkways in our neighborhoods.  

“Governor Patrick speaks about an investment of 13 billion dollars over the next ten years to create a state of the art transportation system.  For that system to be successful, designated money must be set aside to promote alternative modes of transportation.  If it’s not earmarked from the start, like always, it won’t get the resources it deserves.”

“Although the 1st Suffolk District is a dense urban neighborhood, it’s impossible to walk or bike from one end of the district to the other.  Neighborhoods need to be more pedestrian and bicycle friendly.  If residents had alternative modes of transportation readily available to them, it helps get more cars off the road.  Every time we get another car off the road, it improves the overall quality life,” said Dahill.  

For neighborhoods to become more walkable, improvements need to be made to our roads, sidewalks and walkways.  Dahill suggests improving street lighting, planting more trees for shade, adding more of public art in our neighborhoods, and widening some sidewalks to make walking a safer and more pleasant experience.  

The safety of bicyclists is key and providing dedicated bikeways from motor vehicle traffic is vital.  

“When I’m elected, I will form a district-wide task force to plan and advocate for innovative ways to link our neighborhoods through improved walkways and bikeways,” said Dahill.  

Dahill is a candidate for the special election for the First Suffolk State Senate seat. The primary election is April 30th. Maureen Dahill, a lifelong resident of South Boston, is an entrepreneur who has started two small businesses.  She is the founder and editor of CaughtInSouthie.com, a popular resource for the community as well as a vehicle for promoting small independent businesses.