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Food for thought – UPDATE

Either you’ll be thrilled about this news or you will not.  Looks like a Starbucks will be taking over the much coveted retail spot at the corner of L and East Broadway.   A new permit in the window states that the space at 749 East Broadway will in fact be converted into a Starbucks.   Mike Norton, Southie resident and owner the building had tried for over a year to put a restaurant in the spot but could not obtain a liquor license.  A month ago, Norton went before the  Boston Licensing Board to request a coveted unlimited liquor license. Norton was hoping to be teaming up with known restauranteurs Brian Poe and Gordon Wilcox of Parrish Cafe and Rattlesnake Bar and Grille fame.  Unfortunately, Norton’s request for license was deferred.  So Grande Non-Fat Lattes all around! Starbucks hopes to open by June.  Southie Starbucks Count will be 3.  Thanks to the crack reporting of Eileen Murphy for spotting the permit in the window!

Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 7.40.49 PM

Sam’s at 22 Liberty Wharf will not be opening.  The once Sam’s at Louis Boston planned on opening at a new location at 22 Liberty Wharf on the waterfront this summer but have decided to forgo plans.  They posted this on Facebook on Wednesday.  But don’t be too disappointed, the same family that brought you Sam’s opened The Maiden on West Broadway.

Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 2.23.53 PM

Roza Lyons – former Urban Art Bar spot – on East Broadway will be opening in April.  This new spot will feature salads, sandwiches, small plates and more.  They will also be serving craft beer, wine and cocktails!

On the waterfront!  Two new spots are opening in the Seaport neighborhood.  Casa de Pedro – is opening in the ground floor of Waterside Apartments (505 Congress Street) and will feature a Venezuelan & Spanish fusion menu  with a lively bar scene.  Casa de Pedro hopes to be open soon.  New York City’s vegan restaurant By Chloe will be opening up another location at 101 Seaport Blvd. this summer.  The healthy menu will consist of salads, vegan burgers, sandwiches, pasta, dairy-free ice cream, cupcakes, cookies, coffee, cold-pressed juices, coffee, and more

Salsa’s is officially gone for good.  But don’t be too sad – the new owner of the building is looking for a new restaurant to fill the space.  He’s currently exploring some bids.  What type of restaurant would you like to see go in that spot?  What do you feel Southie is lacking in the restaurant scene?  We want your feedback.  Comment below!

We heard from a reliable source that Mul’s Diner is NOT closing.  So you can breath easy and eat your eggs and bacon!

Looks like the Broadway Station area of the neighborhood is getting yet another restaurant.  According to Banker & Tradesman a giant restaurant with seating for 350 in a total of 6,000 square feet of space will be opening in the bottom floor of the new condo/apartment complex at 14 West Broadway.  No word who will be opening the restaurant and when it’s slated to open.  We heard it might be a Cheesecake Factory – just kidding!   

Certified Meatball Company – Right before our eyes, the worst block in Southie is getting better by the day.  First it was Lincoln, then Loco.  Last week Capo joined the block and we learned today that the Certified Meatball Company will take over where the failed Windmill Restaurant resided.  According to Boston Eater, the people behind Wink & NodThe Tap Trailhouse, and Griddler’s Burgers + Dogs will open at 429 West Broadway sometime this summer.  The focus of this new spot will be “globally inspired meatballs” ooooo….we hope they will have Swedish ones!  Know what goes great with meatballs?  Booze!  A liquor license has been secured for this new restaurant. No word yet on how these meatballs will be served i.e. on pasta, in a roll, with a toothpick.

Eh oh eh (in your best Paulie Walnuts voice)! The long awaited Capo – 443 West Broadway – has officially opened its doors. Joining the family of Lincoln and Loco, this new hot spot makes a trifecta of amazing restaurants on that block of West Broadway. Serving up rustic Italian fare, Capo’s impressive interior features rich wood, two bars and a giant fireplace!

Local 149 is back in business and better than ever!

The building next to the Boston Beer Garden  is officially gone.  Rumor is the BBG will expand into the newly renovated spot next door.  More to come!


Make sure to visit Williams Tavern and My Diner before they officially close their doors. The Residences at 100 A Street will be developed on that little triangle of land at A and West Second/West Third.…

Any more restaurant scoop?  Send it our way – email Maureen at [email protected]

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Maureen Dahill

Maureen Dahill is the editor of Caught in Southie and a lifelong resident of South Boston sometimes mistaken for a yuppie. Co-host of Caught Up, storyteller, lover of red wine and binge watching TV series. Mrs. Peter G. Follow her @MaureenCaught.


    • Heather says

      Amrheins is only renovating! There were lots of rumors about condos getting built over their existing restaurant and on the parking lot next to it, but the owners shot those rumors down last month.

  1. Corey says

    Great foodie update Maureen! I think our neighborhood is lacking good Vietnamese, Thai or Pho restaurants.

  2. Meredith says

    For Salsa’s, a healthier grab n go, like Sweetgreen-huge, awesome fresh salad bowls, etc

  3. Joe Canavan says

    A good Jewish deli or German Restaurant would be nice compliment to the neighborhood

  4. Catherine says

    Chinese. Like the “Rainbow Dragon”. My grandchildren loved going there with me. Great for small family parties.

  5. Dorothy says

    A GOOD Chinese restaurant, especially for take out. I miss South Ocean and the place that went into that location is NOT up to par.

  6. John Keith says

    Restaurant openings are a great thing, imo. Gives an area more activity in the evenings, when other stores (and banks and real estate agencies and spas) are closed. I hope West Broadway continues to improve. We went to dinner at Capo last week and I was amazed at how big a space it is, and how busy it was.

  7. Sam says

    is anything happening to the location at westbroadway at D street corner – where the old golden dragon? Chinese restaurant used to be. it’s been vaccant for nearly 3 years. across from burger king