As winter officially sets in Southie, the plummeting temperatures beckon for warmth! Fear not- you can support local spots and treat yourself this weekend to delectable soups from the best establishments nearby. With temperatures forecasted in the 20s through Sunday, whether you opt for takeout or prefer to cozy up indoors, explore the following places now that the freezing cold has hit!

Savor some Chili at Rick’s

Rumor has it that Rick’s 11a Cafe boasts the best chili in Southie! Nestled near King Terminal, this hidden gem is a must-try. Renowned for coffee and brekky sandwiches, their homemade chili is another excellent menu item. Note that they are closed on Saturdays and Sundays, so grab a cup or bowl before the weekend arrives!

Soup Du Jour at Fresh

Experience the Soup Du Jour at Fresh! Whether you soak in the relaxed, warm vibes inside at their tropical bar or high tips or opt for delivery, Fresh has a menu filled with colorful house recipes to make the cold way more bearable! If you’re brave enough to get out and brace the weather, you’ll feel transported to their OG location in Nantucket at this South Boston spot.

Shy Bird’s Butternut Squash Soup

Although they’re known for their extra crispy fried chicken bites, Shy Bird offers so much more! What’s gonna keep you warm this weekend is their butternut squash soup with chipotle maple coconut cream and salted pepitas on the menu— and it’s vegan! Shy Bird even has weekday WFH offers – so it’s an ideal spot to get a study/work break while enjoying a cup of this scrumptious soup!

French Onion at Lincoln

A rare find in Southie, Lincoln’s hearty French onion soup features caramelized onions, garlic croutons, and Gruyère cheese. This ski-weekend soup beats the mountains – pair it with a cold beer or glass of wine for the perfect cold-weather combo!

Chowdah at Hunters

Indulge in Hunters’ southern-inspired chowder layered with Dungeness crab and roasted corn. Rich and filling, their chowder is amazing to pair with any of their comfort menu items and it’s the perfect destination for chilly winter days! Pro tip — pair it with their honey butter cornbread to dunk in the chowder!

The Dirty Italian

The Dirty Italian has a rotating selection of soups and stews, including everything from chicken noodle, to minestrone and hearty beef stew!

Where’s your favorite spot for soup in the neighborhood?

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  1. mplo January 31, 2024 at 1:40 am - Reply

    Mmmmmmm…..Those soups sound delicious—and perfect for winter weather, to boot!

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