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On Thursday, the latest food offering in #Southie opens its doors: Lulu Green, a “plant-based fast-casual restaurant” at 246 West Broadway. Sisters and co-owners Mary and Nada Lattouf are from Boston and have a passion for yummy, healthy food (the restaurant’s name means “remarkably green”)—and judging by their nearly 8,000 Instagram followers, they’re not the only ones. But if all that emphasis on plant-based options makes you worried it won’t be good, fear not: the duo and Chef Brian Corbey are prioritizing deliciousness above all. Their menu features Lebanese-inspired food, desserts, and juices, as well as locally sourced coffee and tea. Below, Mary answers all of our burning questions about Lulu Green, why you should absolutely make a stop to see them soon, and what to order when you get there. 

Why Southie? 

We love Southie! To be honest, we took our time finding the perfect location; we looked at spaces in every neighborhood in and around Boston and kept coming back to Southie as our number one choice. Then the space opened up and we grabbed it with both hands. It’s a tight-knit community with such an energetic vibe. There are a lot of exciting things happening in South Boston, and Lulu Green, which is all about community, wanted to be part of that fun by offering healthy and delicious food that’s fun! 

I went to UMass Boston and lived down the street in Dorchester, so I have a special connection to this area. After talking to many residents, we’ve found that the neighborhood is hungry for more healthy options.

How does your background inform Lulu Green?

I’ve learned a great deal from my tenure with Whole Foods Market as the director of the Healthy Eating Program for the North Atlantic region and the leader of Juice Bar Operations. My experience there has shaped creating a company with integrity and a clear vision and mission. At Lulu Green, we’re re-defining plant-based cooking. It’s centered around the health, wellbeing, and happiness of our community. Everything is made from scratch daily and all of our food minimizes the use of refined sugars, flour, and oils. It’s worth noting we don’t fry either.  

When did you come up with the concept?

About four years ago, and we’ve been committed to bringing it to life ever since. We’re going to let your taste buds lead the way, showing you how great plant-based food and drink can be. Period. 

The big difference is the ingredients. All of them are organic and we work closely with local suppliers—we use the best of the best and never compromise quality. Our food is chef-driven and it’s made by people who love to eat, for people who love to eat. At the end of the day, if we didn’t tell you, you’d never know that Lulu Green is vegan. Carnivores are welcome! 

You’ve said you have the same mindset for Lulu Green as you do when cooking for yourselves at home?

Hospitality is in our soul. Everyone that walks in the door is treated as if they were walking into our home. The South Boston community has now become an extension of our home, and we plan on “living” here for a long time. We’ve created an inclusive space for our guests to enjoy remarkable meals in a beautiful setting with exceptional service. My family and I eat organic, flavorful food at home, and if we don’t serve it at our own table, you won’t find it at our café—it’s that simple. We don’t preach; a lot of our friends and family are carnivores and we make them feel welcome in our home, and create meals that are so flavorful they never feel like they’re missing out. 

Tell me about working with local artists on the physical space. 

As small business owners, supporting local artisans and local area businesses is important to us. We want to support the local economy as well as help reduce our carbon footprint whenever we can. We love that we have a direct relationship with the craftsman who made our tables. Our plant displays were created by a Southie resident who reached out to us on Instagram! And the mural in our bathroom was created by a very talented artist whom I met when I was doing yoga teacher training. Again, we’re all about the community. Have an idea? Message us or stop in. 

What are your favorite bites off the menu? 

 That’s a tough one! It depends on what you’re in the mood for. There’s truly something for everyone. We have everything from your daily coffee (direct-trade and locally roasted) to complete and satisfying meals.  

  • Our shawarma wrap is outstanding. It’s made with seitan and an in-house blend of spices. It’s served on our homemade signature saj bread.
  • Our oven-baked fries are a must-try: farm fresh organic potatoes tossed in a za’atar spice blend, served with our secret sauce.
  • For a sweet treat, I recommend our carrot cupcake with cream cheese frosting and house-made halva caramel. Again, there’s no way you’d know this was plant-based. 
  • All of our juices are infused with adaptogens (superfoods that help the body combat stress). They’re designed with synergistic ingredients that play nicely together for maximum function. Added bonus: they’re delish!

Make sure to stop by and welcome Lulu Green to the neighborhood they will be open from 11am to 3pm to start and eventually add more hours!

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