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Time for wine

For the week of September 17th to 23rd, Local 149 is offering quality wine at discount prices.  With that in mind, Local’s Beverage Director, John Mayer would like to offer this letter to you about wine:

As we exit the lazy summer and autumn begins its descent, bringing with it a return to so much of what we consider New England (harvest and preparation for the colder months, a new academic year, football played by professionals and by us in our yards), our senses start to sharpen and focus in on changes and new possibilities. In the life of Local 149, our little neighborhood spot, one of the things coming freshly into focus is our approach to wine; how we think about it, how we give it a home in our restaurant amongst its sisters and brothers (beer, spirits and food), and most importantly how we enjoy drinking it!

We’re having a great time discovering how the wines we choose to offer can reflect the values that we care so deeply about (responsible and organic farming, authenticity in flavor and quality, being true to your surroundings, moving past industrial production in favor of the artisan, always being delicious). And allow us to say, we’ve discovered some gems; wines that are smart and can engage us far beyond a big initial impact; wines that reflect the land from which they came; wines that offer to take our former expectations and say “let me show you something you didn’t see coming”; and wines that won’t break the bank.

If you’ve been around Local 149, you’ve noticed that we’re into traits like that and lift them up in our food, beer and cocktails. Now we’d like to let the wines sing a bit. These aren’t necessarily all of the big celebrity names you’re used to seeing. There will be some new introductions to lesser known winemaking regions like the Languedoc and Veneto, or grapes like Mourvedre and Garganega.

So, to catalyze this introduction to some of our new friends, we want to announce “Wine Deals at Local”. September 17th through the 23rd, we’ll be offering most of our bottle selections at a significant price reduction. We believe that our great wines should be affordable year round, but for this week in particular we’re really going out of our way to make these delicious wines accessible to everyone with most bottles priced under $35.

Come in for dinner. Have some great end-of-summer/early fall cuisine (or just some cheese and charcuterie) and meet a new bottle of wine at Local 149.