Boston-based Grillo’s Pickles is spreading the pickle love in Southie for National Pickle Day on Thursday, November 14th, by collaborating with Lincoln– and it’s kind of a big dill.

You can swing by and indulge in a number of Grillo’s incorporated meals at Lincoln on Thursday. Wagyu Chopped Cheese with griddled onions, lucky tomato, Grillo’s hot pickles, American cheese, and special sauce on a house made potato bun will be available, as well as Fried Grillos Pickled Green Tomatoes with cool ranch dressing and Pickled Smaltz French fries, complete with Grillo’s brined potato, crispy chicken skin and salt.

Pickle Survey

In celebration of the national day, Grillo’s has also announced the results of a recent consumer survey around preferences and eating habits when it comes to all things pickles. The survey revealed that it doesn’t have to be summer for people to pick up a jar of pickles at the grocery store. 45% say they pick up a jar during their weekly grocery shop – even if it’s 9 below – while nearly 44% grab them on a monthly basis.

The survey also revealed the following:

When it comes to favorite type of pickle, individual spears take the lead with 55% of respondents saying it’s their go-to.

97% of all respondents prefer to purchase and eat refrigerated pickles over chemical-ridden pickles that sit on the shelf for years. Long gone are the days where people reach for shelf stable pickles!

Most respondents are traditionalists when it comes to their favorite flavor of pickle. While 27% reach for hot & spicy, nearly 57% say classic dill is their tried and true.

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