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BREAKING NEWS!  You can now do your part to help Italian earthquake victims by eating pasts!

Yeah you read that right.  Sometimes natural disasters strike and you can feel a little helpless.  Even if you’re not personally affected you feel sad, weak, hurt, insignificant, angry, and you don’t really know what to do with those feelings.  Well, now thanks to Capo,you can do with those feelings what I do with all my feelings, eat them.

The team at Capo is donating 100% of the sales of their Bucatini Amatriciana to the Italian Red Cross* and we think that’s just plain old swell.  And what is Bucatini Amatriciana?  Well it’s a traditional pasta dish in a guanciale, peroino cheese, and tomato sauce and it’s kind of amazing.

Though delicious on its own, Bucatini Amatriciana pairs exceptionally well with wines made from Sangioverse grapes, so order a bottle of Pratesi Locorosso to wash it all down. Along with their Bucatini Amatriciana special they are also offering a Pizza Amatriciana with 100% of sales donated too!  Wow!

I’ve always said the easiest way to earn good karma is to tip well, and now you can triple your karma points at Capo just by eating pasta and cheese.  If that’s not a win/win for everyone I don’t know what is.  See you there?

From now until Labor Day, Capo Restaurant will donate 100% of the proceeds of their both pasta and pizza specials to Italian Red Cross efforts. Amatrice, one of the many small towns devastated by the recent earthquake, is where the famous Amatriciana pasta dish was created.

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