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Happy Birthday Boston Bagel Company!   Selling over 100,000 bagels this past year, Boston Bagel has proven to be a real crowd pleaser in Southie!  Stop by on Monday and wish them a happy birthday.  When you purchase a bagel or bagel sandwich on Monday, you’ll get a free cup of Joe on the house!



Here’s a little Q&A With Adam from Boston Bagel Co:

Roughly how many bagels have you sold in a year?

Believe it or not, we’ve sold over 100,000 bagels this year. Big thanks goes out to the people of South Boston for making this first year such a memorable one!

Most popular bagel?

Far and away, the Everything bagel is our most popular.  We sell four times more everything bagels than any other flavor.

Most popular breakfast sandwich?

The “Southie Scramble” is very popular BUT our latest creation called the “Boston Garden” which features egg whites, avocado, veggies and our homemade veggie cream cheese is quickly becoming the best-seller.

Most popular lunch item?

Turkey Avocado Club

Weirdest request?
We do a lot of catering for businesses around Boston so there are some very interesting requests.  I think the weirdest one was somebody ordered 10 pounds of bagel chips.  I have no idea why they requested it in a certain weight or why they needed so many but I said OK and we figured it out.

Funniest or strangest thing that happened this past year?
I think one of the funniest stories is last year at this time before we were planning on opening, we had just finished construction and were sort of testing our menu out and decided to take down the boards that were covering our windows.  Within minutes there was a crowd outside peeking in through the windows and just staring at us.  I felt like an animal at the zoo.  I decided to open the door and serve the people some bagels and coffee.  While it was very unexpected, we decided to stay open after that and that marked the first day that we have been open!

What do you think is going in across the street from you?

I’ve heard so many rumors that I am not too sure anymore.  At this point, I’m hoping that your Hooters April Fool’s Prophecy comes true!