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For 50 years, Ethel + Andy’s has been serving the good people of South Boston breakfast and lunch at the corner of K and First!

This Saturday, May 7th, marks the 50th anniversary of Robert (owner) at the grill. For 50 straight years, he’s  has been cooking for the locals, as well as the out-of-town truckers accessing East 1st Street & the Conley Terminal.

Robert started his culinary career on the very first day his parents opened their shop back in 1972.

(Note: His parents opened a second shop about 5 years later, appropriately named “Hole in the Wall”. Robert’s brother-in-law now owns that one, renamed Rick’s 11A Cafe, at King’s Terminal).

We can’t forget about Robert’s partners in crime behind the counter…Barbara & Patty. Both lovely ladies will hit their 40th Anniversaries at this legendary sandwich shop this fall.

Make a plan to stop by Ethel & Andy’s this week, to:

*wish Robert a “Happy 50th!!”

*sign the frame mat on counter commemorating this milestone

*order a delicious soup, sandwich, & lottery ticket to go!


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  1. Ronald Zechello May 5, 2022 at 2:13 pm - Reply

    Not surprised at the Edison building I lived about a block away from there and I’m not surprised at the floor key then it’s very old building. Glad it’s going to be fixed maybe it’ll be looked at be on that one flooring. I’ve been gone from selfie a long time I left a 1965 so that that Cafe I am not familiar with but once again very good articles I always enjoy looking back at my roots thank you very much

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