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As editor of Caught in Southie, I receive numerous emails containing suggestions, praise, disapproval and lots of opinions.  It was a delightful breath of fresh air when I received a this email from reader Megan Long and her amazing experience at Del Frisco’s.  We are so happy at how things turned out for Megan’s 30th!  Happy Birthday!  Enjoy her kind words. 



Below is my letter to the GM at DelFrisco’s, Gregg Rinaldi. The Sox tickets he is giving
us are from John Henry (he dined there last week). I was floored and


Thank you for making last night an enjoyable and unforgettable experience.

I’ve wanted to dine at DelFrisco’s since I’ve been hearing so many
positive reviews.  I’m a total foodie! I originally planned to go on August
26th however it was a decoy by my friends to surprise me with a 30th birthday
party (they REALLY got me)! I’m not complaining but I really wanted that
steak (I had my whole menu picked out)! :)

For my official birthday, Juden said he would take me to DelFrisco’s. The
excitement and anticipation was 21 days coming especially after reading my
fellow Southie-ian’s article:
www.cis-staging.q9hwj0b7-liquidwebsites.com/blog/heather-foley-fancy. Yesterday morning, we got
offered Red Sox tickets right behind the bat boy. It was a tough decision but
I choose DelFrisco’s over the Red Sox and stuck by my decision when
everyone told me I was crazy!

First, the crab cake was amazing and the Barbera wine was great. We had been
talking to our waiters about what to get for a main course. Should we split
the Wagyu? Or get the cod and clams and a steak? Or two steaks? After getting
recommendations and determining how to get my steak cooked, we decided on the
prime strip and ribeye. We had the sides down, chateau potatoes and the king
crab gnocchi. When our steaks finally came and my plate was empty, I said
“oops you forgot something”, as a joke. We had no idea that one of the
steaks wasn’t ordered. At that time of night, we figured it was pointless
to start cooking the missing steak and we would just split what we had.

Then, the dessert menu came. Juden let the waiter know that he called earlier
in the day regarding dessert (wink, wink). Ruined the surprise for me but it
was the thought that counted, calling ahead and discussing what dessert I
would like. He picked the signature lemon layer cake as recommended. When
your three best desserts with candles came, I was shocked.

The manner in which you handled everything was above and beyond what we
expected. Offering us Red Sox tickets for Monday’s game is unbelievably
kind of you and YES we will take you up on that offer! Needless to say,
compensating our entire meal was a shock factor. Before I went to
DelFrisco’s last night, I was already passing on the unbelievable reviews
I’ve heard from people. I will continue to pass on the good word and
can’t wait to dine with you again! You’ve left a lasting impression!

Thank you again for a wonderful birthday dinner! And extending my birthday
celebration to Monday’s Sox game!!

Megan Long