Eat, drink and be merry! 

Committee – 50 Northern Ave. – has opened its doors for lunch and dinner and promises to be summer hot spot on the ever-growing Southie waterfront!  George Aboujaoude (Cafeteria and Bijou Nightclub) and Demetri Tsolakis have created a 230 seat restaurant with Mediterranean-inspired menu featuring small plates both hot and cold.  

Also on the menu are various Greek wines, hand-crafted cocktails and tiki drinks available by the pitcher.  You can enjoy those delicious beverages on their spacious patio!  In addition to the patio there is also seating at the bar, communal high tops, a lounge area and private dining rooms.  Committee also has tall banquettes make from reclaimed wood from Anthony’s Pier Four!  Sweet!  
Sneak a peek at their menu: 

  • Olive salad anise, coriander, preserved lemon
  • Tzatziki braised local greens, Greek yogurt
  • Baba ganoush Charred eggplant, whipped tahini
  • Taramosalata Local roe, new potatoes
  • North African-style hummus mashed chickpea, baharat
  • Piperia gemisti roasted red pepper, tyrokafteri
  • Kibbe naya Spiced raw lamb, emulsified harissa, herbs
  • Fattoush spring greens, sumac-cured onion, roasted apricot vinaigrette
  • Grape leaf Dolmades rice, sumac, pine nut
  • Sardine plaki grilled baguette, celery and fennel salad
  • Salt-roasted beets tahini, mint
  • Cretan sympetherio mixed bean salad, scallion, dill, lemon zest
  • Politiki salata cabbage, spring vegetables, parsley


  • Saganaki kefalotyri, apricot compote, Metaxa
  • Batata mahshi cumin-scented pork, tamarind, Aleppo
  • Beef keftedakia oregano, tomato gravy
  • Souvlaki Greek yogurt, rigani, lemon
  • Grilled octopus orange, fennel, olive confit
  • Moorish shrimp skewer piperade, saffron
  • Grilled haloumi blistered grapes, retsina
  • Artichoke moussaka artichoke hearts, caramelized onions, three-cheese bechamel
  • Calamari kerkenaise stuffed squid, shallots, capers
  • Manitaropita spring mushrooms, green garlic, phyllo
  • Ikaria wild green pie variety of seasonal greens
  • Lahmajun spiced lamb, charred tomato, nigella
  • Basturma kaisarias pan fried basturma pie
  • Yogurt marinated chicken skewers spicy honey dipping sauce
  • Gigantes dill, tomatoes, orange, petimezi
  • Eggplant braised chickpea and eggplant, clay-baked, sweet tomato sauce
  • Fried smelts sauce romaikos
  • Fried pickled green tomatoes skordalia
  • Zucchini crisps roasted sweet onion soubise, labne


  • Rice Pudding Dad’s recipe, seasonal fruit compote 
  • Galaktobourekakia custard, phyllo, honey
  • Ma’amoul thumbprints mahleb, sour cherry jam