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Certified Meatball Company: It’s actually happening!

*insert drumroll here* Word on the street is that the Certified Meatball Company is slated to open August 4th—according to Eater Boston and one sneaky Craigslist post.

The brainchild of Boston Nightlife Ventures (think: Southern Kin and Wink & Nod) has been showing off its storefront for several months now, keeping Southie’s resident foodies impatiently awaiting its arrival. Obviously, we’ll be seeing meatballs on the menu, but earlier reports have us looking forward to “global inspired” upgrades like turkey, beef, Korean pork, and veggie balls galore.

Certified Meatball Company will call 429 West Broadway home, and is prepping for the big reveal by searching for the best bartenders, servers, and meatball lovers in the city. (Yes, Irish need apply.) The restaurant has been apparently in the works for almost two years, so those meatballs must be worth the wait.

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Pronounced like “parade with an M,” Mairead loves all things nautical, Vineyard-y, and Irish (in case the name didn’t give it away). She can often be found bopping around L Street with her Southie framily, testing out the local nacho scene, and running marathons strictly for the post-race beverages.


  1. Bill says

    Do you have any info about the new location in Southie of the “A” Street Diner?
    When it will be opening?
    It has been missed since it left.