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Trillium Brewery has a refreshing summer summer beer called Daily Serving that is best served cold. Really, put it in the fridge or in a cooler of ice because warm temps can cause cans to burst!

According to Universal Hub, the Fort Point brewery posted helpful serving and storing tips via their instagram after some customers had cans explode:

Keep cold. Drink fresh. We’re always making more! Following these two simple guidelines will result in the optimal drinking experience

We’ve recently heard from three customers who had cans of Daily Serving: Blackberry, Plum, & Raspberry burst. In all instances, the cans were stored in warm/room temperature conditions. We don’t want anyone to have to clean up a mess and advise that you store these cans in a refrigerator immediately.

Refrigerated (38ºF) batch samples that our QA team retains have not burst and upon further testing, we’ve seen no yeast growth from the time of packaging. We take extreme caution to ensure yeast is not present in our cans (centrifuge, flash pasteurization, enhanced cleaning protocols before, during, and after a Daily Serving packaging run), however, it only takes 1 yeast cell, an enormous amount of real fruit, and warm temperatures to potentially reactivate the cell and start growth.

Any cans of Daily Serving: Blackberry, Plum, & Raspberry stored warm should be inspected for bulging and disposed of quickly to ensure they do not make a mess. Customers that would prefer to dispose of their remaining cans rather than take the risk of their cans bursting will be provided credit towards a future purchase upon request. To request a credit, please email [email protected] with a picture of your remaining cans, the purchase date, and the Trillium location of purchase. You will be provided an e-gift card valid at any Trillium location for to-go or on-site purchase.

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