If you’re looking for a delicious bagel in the neighborhood, you won’t have to look far… you’ll just have to look for crowds of people who are lining up every weekend for Brick Street Bagels pop-ups!

It all started in the South End apartment of Jordan Renouf. Last November, Jordan began baking on nights and weekends and riding his bike around the city to hand-deliver each batch. At first, it was a few orders, but now, exactly one year later, he operates 2 to 3 weekly pop-ups (Southie and South End) and bakes an average of 900 bagels! Wow! 

Here’s how it works:

The pop-ups are 95% pre-order only, and there’s only a small reserve for “walk-ups.” 

The pre-order link and the pop-up location are posted to Brick Street Bagel’s Instagram account every Thursday at 4 p.m. So, set a reminder because lately, his orders have been sold out in just a few hours.

Jordan and his friend Andrew begin handing out bagels at 8:30 am. But even if you pre-order, you’ll want to get there early because it’s first come, first served as to what types/flavors you walk home with.

Brick Street currently bakes plain, everything, sesame, rosemary + sea salt, asiago and salt bagels and makes plain and scallion cream cheese (for now!)

Jordan says the people are the best part about Brick Street Bagels, “My favorite thing is creating spaces for building community and meeting new people. In the lines, I often hear people say to one another “so good to run into you here” or “really great to catch up”. Playing some small role in bringing people together in-person has been a really rewarding feeling.”

The popular Southie pop-up spots recently have been Gray’s Hall – so keep an eye out and check them out! 

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