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Caught in Southie Summer Cocktail Challenge

Maybe it’s the sunshine or the heat, but summertime makes us want to slow down, relax and sip on some ice cold cocktails.  We’ve gathered up the recipes from some of our favorites from around town.  We want you to taste-test them and then vote for our first ever Summer Cocktail Challenge.  The voting will begin on Monday, August 26th.  If we missed one of your favorites, drop us an email at [email protected]  Cheers!




Stat’s Strawberry Shortcake:

Muddle 4 fresh strawberries…add

1 ounce Stoli Strasberi Vodka

1 ounce Smirnoff Whipped Vodka

1/4 ounce simple syrup

shake…top with a splash of sprite










Franklin Southie’s French Laundry:

1.5 oz Citadelle Gin

.75 oz St Germain

.25 oz Luxardo Maraschino

.5 oz fresh lime juice

3 dashes grapefruit bitters

Shake & Strain

Martini Glass





Lincoln’s Donna Julia – (HOO-LEE-AH):

1oz. Rhubarb ginger puree

1 3/4oz. Don Julio Tequila

1/4oz. Fresh Lime Juice

6 Muddled Strawberry Slices

2 Muddled Limes

Shaken like crazy…

Topped With Prosecco

Served in a mason jar with a strawberry slice garnish.







Local 149’s summer sipper, the “Slanty Shandy”:
“This drink is our take on the  thirst-quenching “Shandy”, traditionally a combination of lemonade and beer.

We start with Absolut Craft Herbaceous Lemon, a vodka infused with lemongrass, lemon myrtle and lemon thyme.

Then we add freshly squeezed lemon juice, honey and a dash of Angostura bitters.

After a quick shake to get it frosty, we strain this into a chilled beer glass and add Ommegang white ale.

It’s super-easy to enjoy on the hot days.”







Seapoint’s CosMONA:

1.5 ounces Absolute citron,

1 ounce of triple sec

Splash of cranberry and squeeze of lemon

Shake it up.

Serve straight up in a martini glass