You know what I love about fall?  The food.  Sure, the foliage is nice, the chill in the air can be exhilarating, but fall flavors?  Nothing better.  And lucky for us South Bostonians, the Southie culinary scene is all about seasonal menus and all-over fall flavors.  So, let’s take a look at some of the BEST fall dishes you can get in Southie right now!

Hunter’s Kitchen And Bar’s Savory Cupcakes

Do these Savory Cupcakes sound like something I conjured up in a fever dream?  Yes, but I swear to God they’re real!  Pumpkin cornbread, whipped brown butter, sugar cinnamon cream, and popcorn chicken, all in one glorious muffin. I truly don’t know what else to say other than I will not be offended if you stop reading this right now and head to Hunters for some Savory Cupcakes. (in photo above) 

Roza Lyons’ Chicken Pot Pie

CPP hive, rise up!  The second the temperature drops?  I’m ordering a chicken pot pie.  Oh, who am I fooling? I’ll order a chicken pot pie on a humid ninety-degree day.  But I know most other normal people wait till fall for their CPP fix.  Roza Lyons puts a delicious, unexpected twist on the traditional chicken pot pie a rich creamy curry sauce!  Add it to your fall to-do list immediately.

Capo’s Crostata di Mele

Sometimes you just want a strong cocktail and a sweet dessert, ladies, am I right?  Belly up to the bar at Capo for an Ol’ Honeycrisp – Woodford Reserve, apple, cinnamon, and brown sugar, and quite possibly the most incredible fall dessert any of us will ever eat, the Crostata di Mele.  Italian for “oh hell yeah”, Crostata di Mele is apple confit, spiced puff pastry, gingersnap, cranberry orange coulis, and vanilla bean gelato.  Trust me, you’re not going to want to share this one.

Shy Bird’s Colors Of Fall Bowl  

I mean, it’s right there in the name.  If you’re looking for a little lighter fare, this vegetarian, gluten-free bowl will give you all the yum without feeling too gluttonous.  Add Shy Bird‘s Butternut Squash Soup (with salted pepitas) to make a little soup and salad moment.

Lincoln Tavern And Restaurant’ Chicken And Waffles

Lincoln has a lot of what I would consider fally offerings on their menu, but nothing is more fally than their chicken and waffles.  Because these aren’t your average, everyday chicken and waffles.  Lincoln serves up a kabocha squash waffle with buttermilk fried chicken, pumpkin butter, and apple cinnamon maple syrup.  Tastes like a trip up the Kancamagus!

The Broadway’s Short Rib Grilled Cheese

Ok so we’re going to start with a pitcher of Apple cider Sangria for the table at The Broadway.  Then maybe share the Autumn Pizza and Harvest Salad for apps.  I will then order the Short Rib Grilled Cheese, the ooiest, gooiest, grilled cheese in all the land.  Nothing says “fall” like a grilled cheese, NOTHING. 

Petula’s Vodka Tomato Pasta

Fall food doesn’t have to be all pumpkins and squash!  For me there is nothing more quintessentially fall than a comforting bowl of piping hot pasta; enter Petula’s Vodka Tomato Pasta.  Vodka sauce, chili flakes, and parm pair perfectly with a light red…and the pepperoni pizza as an app.

PKL’s House-Made Donuts

First of all, if you haven’t eaten at PKL yet, you’re seriously missing out.  Their House-Made Cinnamon Sugar and Bourbon Caramel Donuts are A) delicious and B) give me all the fall feels.  It’s like the best part of apple picking, donuts, without the worst part of apple picking, actually going apple picking.  Yes, these donuts are technically a dessert, but you are a grownup (I assume) and if you want to have donuts with a scoop of vanilla ice cream for dinner it’s your God-given right.  USA!  USA!  USA!

Is anyone else hungry now?  Do you have a local favorite fall dish?  Did it make my list?  If it didn’t will you please tell me so I can go eat it immediately?  Thank you so much, bye.

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