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Maybe your family’s out of town this week. Or maybe you’re just trying to avoid the awkward conversations from Aunt Lucy about the election, your marital status, and just exactly what it is you’re doing with your life. That’s where Friendsgiving comes in. Call up your other fam-less friends, read up on our easy tips below, and host a stress-free day of food, friends, and fun.

Prep the Menu
First, decide how many people you’re expecting. Then, divvy the meal prep up, so it doesn’t fall all on the host.  Put someone in charge of the turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing etc. Or, give your party a theme—we love the thought of a “Thanksgiving Fiesta” where everyone brings their favorite Mexican dish. Pro Tip: Make a Google spreadsheet and share it with the crew, so everyone can see who’s bringing what. Because not everyone enjoys having 10 different buffalo chicken dips in one sitting.

Make Space
Short on square footage? No worries. Grab folding chairs, have your friend down the street bring a few stools, and place pillows on the floor near the coffee table for everyone to sit. Or, if you’re hosting a more “elevated” affair, give everyone a seat at the table with a DIY-namecard (like these) and their very own place setting.

Plan ALL the Activities
If you’re hosting a bit of a random crew, games are a perfect way to break the ice and get everyone in on the fun. We love traditional games like Cards Against Humanity, or for a more G-Rated affair, try this easy, Thanksgiving Bingo game. You can also always throw the football games on the TV or if you’re feeling SUPER ambitious and trendy, try your hand at the Mannequin Challenge. (Everybody’s doing it…)

How are you spending your Thanksgiving Day? Let us know in the comments!

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