On Thursday, testimony began in the trial of a man accused of killing two engaged doctors in their luxury South Boston condo.  Bampumim Teixeira, of Chelsea, is charged with murdering Dr. Lina Bolanos and Dr. Richard Field in their home in the Macallen Building on May 5, 2017.

Prosecutors believe robbery was the motive. They claim Teixeira was familiar with the building due to the fact he worked their briefly in 2016. BPD recovered recover a knife in the apartment as well as a bag containing Bolanos’ jewelry.

The defense attorney stated there is not enough credible evidence to convict Teixeira.

Teixeira has pleaded not guilty to two counts each of first-degree murder, armed robbery, and kidnapping, and one count of armed home invasion.

You can get a more detailed account of the opening statement here. 


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