The beach is that way! Here’s a quick guide to all the gorgeous beaches in Southie:

M Street Beach:
We like to call this beach “Southie Beach” in homage to South Beach in Miami.  Filled with all the beautiful people of South Boston – 20 and 30-somethings with hot bods soaking in the sun.  Expect red Solo cups, music, corn hole, and spike ball.  This is the place to see and be seen – well, if you’re in shape, that is.

Pleasure Bay:
This enclosed lagoon seems to attract lots of families.  If you’re on the Day Blvd. side of the beach, you have access to the bathrooms at the Murphy Rink.  If you are on the Castle Island side, there are also public restrooms, the Harry McDonough Sailing Center, Sullivan’s and a playground.

City Point/ Kelly’s Landing Beach:
This teeny tiny beach is located next to the Sugar Bowl and near the old Kelly’s Landing on Day Blvd. This is easily the most random beach and is filled with a mixed bag of weirdo’s ….we mean beachgoers.

Carson Beach:
This is the largest beach in Southie, stretching from K Street all the way to the State Police Barracks.  K Street to G Street is normally filled with some leftover beautiful bros/bras; maybe too lazy to walk to M Street, but there are also families sprinkled in throughout, further down Day. Blvd. is a new  Mothers’ Rest, public restrooms, exhibit space, first aid and lifeguard stations, with outdoor tables and a snack bar called Molly Moo’s. Carson Beach also features a walkway that allows one to walk, bike, or run along the water’s edge from Castle Island to the Kennedy Library.  At the tail end of Carson Beach, there is almost always a volleyball game going on.  There are even leagues that go on during the summer!


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  1. Ronald Zechello July 11, 2022 at 6:27 pm - Reply

    In my early days like 1965 my favorite beach was at the location of the Farragut statue…..I spent most summer days watching a girl I had a crush on….ha ha

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