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I’m sitting in Hadley Weinzierl’s living room as she shows me the earrings from her new line Halcyon & Hadley. Her #Southie condo is expertly curated: warm hues of blue and coral, a wall of travel photos, gold accents like the Art Deco grate over her fireplace. Her deck is covered in flowers—alpine geraniums all the way from Connecticut, she tells me—and she’s hoping they’ll bloom like they do in Salzburg. She informs me proudly that she submitted her condo to Apartment Therapy Small Cool in 2013 and ranked in the top five in her category.

The inspiration for her jewelry is everywhere. She points to a spiky circular picture frame with a photo of her Maltese, Romy (currently curled up next to me quietly). “That sunburst frame is the inspiration for the Costa del Sol and the Ray of Light earrings,” she says.

The end result is a variety of tactile, architectural pieces that glitter in 3D. She uses gemstones like mother-of-pearl, labradorite, and Swarovski crystals for a look that’s simple but eye-catching. Each piece is different, but it’s clear that the same person made them: pearls, spikes, flowers, and geometric shapes feature separately or part of a single piece. “Basic is boring. Timeless isn’t,” she says.

This mindset, in fact, is what inspired Weinzierl to launch Halcyon & Hadley last summer. Trying to find the perfect pair of statement earrings for a wedding, she got tired of being limited to the same overly trendy pieces. So she decided to make her own. The end result was Blossom: romantic gold floral at the top, spiky point at the bottom. “That’s the piece that started it all,” Weinzierl tells me.

She says, “These pieces that last one or two seasons are beautiful but might not be the best investment. I truly believe that my pieces are investments that you’ll have for years to come, and many are pieces that you can hand down to your daughter.”

Halcyon means happy, serene, and golden, but it can also represent an ancient, mythical bird that charms the wind and waves into calm. Weinzierl feels a special connection to coastal living, and her jewelry (and choice of home) reflect that.

Her energy is infectious. Each piece has a story: the Nice la Belle from her trip to Nice’s Promenade des Anglais, to the Queen Palm for her sister’s friend on vacation in Key West. The names of her collections reflect that diversity: La Plage, La Petite Jardin, Sakura, Gilded Praha, and Astronomie. Because I’m a magpie at heart, I’m already compiling a mental list of my favorites.

“I’ve found several artists and vendors around the world that sell components, and I just order what I think is cute and beautiful and I put it together,” she says. She doesn’t sketch out her ideas in advance—she finds inspiration, experiments by pairing elements together, and comes up with a finished product that channels the vibe of the unique place or theme. Sometimes it takes a couple tries, and sometimes it takes months.

Her home base is here in Southie, where she’s lived for nine years. “I love this neighborhood, and I think it’s important to showcase what this area has to offer,” she says. “The classic Boston style has been changing over the years.”

Weinzierl’s background is in high-tech communications, and the online business is her side hustle. She currently sells her products in Bloom Lingerie Boutique in Cohasset and La Petite Maison in Hingham. She’s also done pop-ups, including at For Now in the Seaport in April.  She’s hoping to expand locally, get into wholesale, and even tap into the bridal market.

She makes each piece to order, and some (like Sunburst and Greek Key from her Gilded Praha line) can be made smaller by request—a handy feature for petite girls like me. She regularly puts on sales via her site and Instagram. In July, she’s coming out with two seagrass clutches that channel Southeast Asia and the Mediterranean, and is thinking about other accent pieces like scarves.

She quotes Coco Chanel: “Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.”