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Close your eyes and imagine that your favorite go-to shops on East Broadway were gone.  Wouldn’t you be disappointed to see those store fronts vacant?  

Sadly enough, with the way the economy is these days this could in fact happen.  It’s up to us hometown consumers to make sure that dismal situation never becomes a reality.  We have the power to keep these businesses thriving by simply patronizing local independent shops and restaurants. Choose three independent businesses, stop in, say hello and make a purchase.  If you spent $50 each month at these businesses it would boost the local economy significantly. And stimulating the local economy is the main incentive of the 3/50 project. 

For every $100 spent, $68 returns to the community

This movement was founded back in March of 2009, by Cinda Baxter a retail consultant, professional speaker and former retail store owner.  Her website (www.the350project.net) is dedicated to saving the brick and mortar businesses our nation is built on.  According to her research, if half the employed population spent $50 each month in locally owned independent businesses, it would generate 42.6 billion in revenue.  For every $100 spent, $68 returns to the community through taxes, payroll, and other expenditures.  By spending your money in local independent establishments, it’s a benefit to good ole Southie. 

Vital part of our community

So the next time you need a gift, or a dress for a special occasion, or are going out to enjoy a meal, why not resist the urge to head to the mall and walk down the street to your local South Boston businesses.  They are a vital part of our community and it’s up to us to support them!  So spread the word about the 3/50 project! 

For more information go to www.the350project.net.