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I’ve got a fever, and the only cure is more Olympics…

Yup, I’ve got Olympic fever and I’m not afraid to show it.  I love everything about the Olympic, the pageantry of the opening and closing ceremonies, team uniforms, the amazing backstories, athletes cheering each other on, the male swimmers’ bodies…the Olympics are awesome, and there are plenty of ways celebrate Team USA right here in Southie!

Follow Along
All your favorite Southie bars and restaurants (at least the ones with TVs) are showing the Olympics, and Lincoln Tavern even has a Michael Phelps inspired drink, the Butterfly Effect.  And since most of us can’t keep up with the Olympic coverage, may I suggest following Leslie Jones on Twitter?  I don’t watch SNL, so I’m not super familiar with Jones, but after seeing her on The Oscars and The Match Game I started following her on Twitter and her live tweeting of the Olympics is amazing.  She’s a great combo of positive energy, humor, Team USA love, and balls out enthusiasm; and I’m not the only one who thinks so, after a few days of live tweeting NBC asked her to come to Rio.

Speaking of Michael Phelps, did you know he eats about 2 million calories a day?  Did you further know that calorie count includes about two pounds of pasta?  Finally, something Phelps and I have in common!  You can indulge your inner Phelps at Capo on the west side or Café Porto Bello on the Eastside, trust me you won’t find a better pasta dish in the North End.  I was going to recommend a dish from each but it was honestly too hard to pick just one so go and order every pasta off their menus, or just say “I’ll have the Heather,”  same thing.

Do you feel a renewed since of athleticism, drive, passion, and motivation to push your body when you watch Team USA?  Well good for you, congratulations.  Anyhoo, if watching the Olympics gets you all fired up to hit the gym there are PLENTY of Olympicy (not a word but I’m committing to it) workouts right here in Southie!  You can hit the heavy bag at Peter Welch’s Gym, perfect your butterfly stroke and serve at the Boston Athletic Club (meaning they have a pool and tennis courts), cycle without the worry of crazed Brazilians chasing your bike at The Handle Bar, and/or honor your inner Flo Jo at the Moakley Park track!

In general, I’m pretty anti plastering an American Flag all over clothes.  In addition to being a little too on the nose, it’s really not kosher with the United States Flag Code, and I think it should be illegal to put an American Flag on any piece of clothing not made in America…but that’s a rant for another day.  So instead of busting out your 2004 Old Navy American Flag shirt (seriously, throw that out already) throw on some red, white, and blue.  And if you need some red, white, and blue hit up a local store (much more patriotic than going to Walmart) for a couple accessories.  I grabbed white sunnies at Ku De Ta and a red bandana at Pretty Reckless and they instantly Team USA-up a pair of jeans.

If all else fails you can always just get a Brazilian wax at The Beauty Bar, USA USA USA!

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