The United States Postal Service says no ballots were thrown out by postal workers in South Boston. Over the weekend, City Councilor Ed Flynn and City Councilor-at-large Michael Flaherty stated that a temporary letter carrier had allegedly thrown out mail-in ballots in South Boston after receiving complaints from numerous residents.

USPS spokesperson Steve Doherty responded on Sunday.  You can read his statement below:

The United States Postal Service is committed to fulfilling its role in the electoral process as a secure, efficient and effective way for citizens to participate when policymakers decide to use the mail as part of their elections. The Postal Service has a robust and tested process for proper handling and timely delivery of Election Mail.

Regarding mail in South Boston, the Postal Service is aware of allegations of mishandling of mail, including some pieces of Political Mail, by an employee. No Election Mail, specifically ballots or ballot materials, were involved. All campaign mailpieces were recovered and returned to the mailstream. We have requested the involvement of the USPS Office of the Inspector General for investigation and will have no further comment until that investigation is complete.

Reminder: Anyone who requested a mail-in ballot and hasn’t received it yet is unlikely to get one in the mail in time for Election Day and they should make arrangements to vote on Tuesday.

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