Update: BFD responded to call for a car fire at the corner of O + 2nd around 2:40am on Thursday. The fire was quickly knocked down and no one was hurt.

CBS Boston is reporting that BPD believe the fire was caused by vandalism – “someone bored walking around lighting trash cans on fire, tipping them into cars.” Evidently, there was at least one other car set on fire the same night in South Boston.

The owner of the vehicle told CBS Boston that this type of fire isn’t covered by insurance and he’s looking for help from neighbors who may have a ring cam that could have caught the vandalism in action. You can learn more here. 

According to the Globe, an Eversource employee, who was in the area told BPD he saw a man in a wheelchair leave the scene, right before BFD arrived.

Michael David Attardo was located by police at Farragut Road and East Fourth Street. He was arrested on unrelated, outstanding warrants but has not been charged with the fire. 

BPD and BFD also responded to the corner of F and West First streets around 1:45 a.m., on Thursday where a gray Mazda was found damaged by a trash can burning beside it. 

The car was not registered to a nearby address and it was towed from the scene.

It is unclear the fires are related but both are being investigated.


Thank you Michael for sending us this photo!


  1. Grateful neighbor October 8, 2022 at 10:08 am - Reply

    This would be a great use of the GoFundMe site to help this guy pay for a decent replacement vehicle. I don’t know him and don’t know where to start but I’d definitely contribute. I hate stuff like this happening in our neighborhood.

  2. When I Was Growing Up… October 12, 2022 at 2:09 am - Reply

    …a “hot box” had an entirely different meaning.

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