Free fare on Tuesday afternoon as a sorry for this morning!

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On Tuesday, the commute from South Boston was rough. Thanks to a Red Line train being derailed and buses replacing trains, the commute was sluggish, causing delays to not only MBTA riders but also people driving in and around the neighborhood. The area near Broadway Station was gridlocked.

You can check out the “scene” from Broadway Station below.  Traffic in this area was bananas and according to one Caught in Southie reader – it appeared as if the #9 bus was not running at all. Plus the line for the #7 at L and Broadway was nuts too. And the person who sent us this video said it took over an hour to get to Post Office Square from Southie. Yikes.

By 11:30am, the derailment was addressed and the track was cleared and all was restored in the world.  Good luck out there!


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