Despite the line, Zach Bryan did not show up at the Shannon on Monday night.  He did, however, buy the crowd a round of Fire Ball shots – which was nice of him! The country star is playing at Gillette this week.  On Monday, Bryan kicked off the pre-order of his new album, “The Great American Bar Scene.” See below.

Original Post:

Word on the street is country star Zach Bryan is coming to the Shannon Tavern in South Boston tonight! The Southie Line Girls tagged us on Instagram to let us know there is a very large, weekend-style line in front of the dive bar located at K and 3rd.

Back in January, we posted that the wildly popular country star was looking for photos of the old Irish Whisper on East Eighth Street.  Well, maybe this visit at the Shannon is a promotion for his new album which you can preorder called, “The Great American Bar Scene.”  And maybe those photos on the album cover are from the Irish Whisper!

Another neighborhood connection? Zach Bryan’s girlfriend, Brianna Lapaglia of Barstool fame, has South Boston roots.  How cool is that!

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