Well, this is interesting.  The Boston Globe has revealed a “situation” that is happening in their comment sections online.  A subscription account shared by the Boston City Council and its staff has been using the comment section to attack everyone, from almost every member of the council to Mayor Michelle Wu and her staff. According to the Globe, the comments “range from ridiculous and snarky to offensive and borderline threatening.” Yikes….but tell us more!

“Interested Party” is the name of the commenter, and the account is linked to a shared council e-mail address with the domain @boston.gov.  The article states that its password has been circulated among city councilors and their aides.

So who is “Interested Party”? Well, that’s not necessarily going to be an easy task to find out.  Many people who work on the fifth floor of City Hall have access to this account – so it’s anyone’s guess.

Over hundreds of comments via “Interested Party” have attacked at least 11 of 13 councilors.  According to the Globe, the two councilors omitted from the nastiness are Frank Baker and Erin Murphy. Both told the Globe they have never left comments on the account. In fact, all 13 city councilors have denied authoring the Interested Party comments.

“Interested Party” also enjoys going after the mayor and her senior aides – “crack sqaud [sic] of savvy rich kids” and “ivy grads who couldn’t find most city neighborhoods on a map.” Additionally, Chief of Streets Jascha Franklin-Hodge has been a target and referred to as the “bike surpremacist [sic].”

Gheesh. Councilor Brian Worrell, also a target, is calling for an internal investigation into the user. 

You can read all the details here.  




  1. If The Globe Is A… April 27, 2023 at 4:15 pm - Reply

    ….legitimate newspaper then I’m Ethel Merman. In all seriousness…this is actually terrifying. Why the Globe would reach out to Wutin (and “accomplices”) with this is anybody’s guess but, to me, anyways, this reeks of Marxist, communistic, Russian/Chinese mass population control techniques., fully aided and abetted by an obedient media.

    This is not”ok”. Far from it.

    The Globe and/or Wutin are in each other’s pocket(s). The Globe needs to be censured, AT LEAST.

  2. Danny April 28, 2023 at 4:59 pm - Reply

    Folks today are SOFT. Talk to Kevin Whites kids and ask them stuff written about their father. The fact this even got out shows you how soft folks are.

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